Reasons to Consider Second Look Eye Lift

Reasons to Consider Second Look Eye Lift

Cosmetic surgery has entered a new era of efficiency and effectiveness. For proof of these advancements, onlookers do not have to search past the Second Look Eye Lift. This brilliant technique garners beautiful facial aesthetics with ease. Ultimately, this procedure might not be suitable for everyone, but certain demographics can benefit from the technique supremely.

At The Colton Center, we offer the Second Look Eye Lift to restore more youthful eyes and a rejuvenated look. This procedure lifts saggy skin around the eyes to help you look younger, and it may never have to be repeated. Our staff, led by Dr. Jeffrey Colton, can help determine if the Second Look Eye Lift is right for you. Contact The Colton Center today to schedule your consultation.


Sagging tissues have a tendency to build up around the eyes over time. This creates a baggy appearance that cannot be corrected through means of make-up. After Second Look, the skin around the eye socket recedes into a normal state. This reduction of wrinkles automatically generates a more youthful appearance.


Puffing is even worse than bags. Fortunately, painful swelling can be reduced. Before surgery, fat cells accumulate around the eyes in a concentrated fashion that is unwanted and unnecessary. One treatment could permanently fix this issue.

Perpetual Tiredness

Lids start to droop when they are deprived of structural support. This fosters a look of complete exhaustion that cannot be dispelled even when wide awake. Second Look changes the exterior angles to widen eye expressions. The ability to pop them all the way open will make patients feel more revitalized than ever.

Dark Shadows

Black circles underneath the eyes are a common complaint with few conventional solutions available. Luckily, this is no longer the case. Dark splotches will be automatically corrected by the alignment. By finding an ideal corrective position for the lids, it is possible to completely obscure those pesky dark shadows.

Vision Impairment

Loose tissue is stored in the upper eye lids, and age can cause this area to sag until vision is partially or fully obstructed. The deterioration of eyesight can seem like a permanent affliction, but this simple procedure instills full use of all peripheries.

The Second Look Eye Lift could be the perfect solution to tired, sagging or droopy eyes. Doctor Colton can help tighten and brighten your eyes to give you the youthful look you once had. Contact us today to find out if this treatment is right for you.