Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy is a ground breaking, non-invasive treatment that creates visible improvement usually after just one month.

It is a natural product from your own body, so there isn’t any concern about rejection or an allergic reaction. PRP can be added to Microneedling, Sublative laser or simply injected by itself where smoother, tighter skin or hair growth is desired.

The results from PRP therapy for skin are improvement to skin tone and texture with overall tightening. Changes are typically seen in 3-4 weeks and improve with time. It is recommended that a total of 3 treatments should be performed at 1-2 month intervals for a more optimal outcome.

If PRP is being used to restore hair loss, then a total of 5 treatments are recommended one month apart. Results for hair loss are also seen approximately 3-4 weeks after starting treatment.