Microneedling is also known as ‘collagen induction therapy’ or skin needling.

It works by making tiny wounds to the skin with very small, sterile needles generating new collagen for the correction of fine to moderate lines.

The Colton Center offers two versions of this treatment – Microneedling “Light” and Microneedling.

Microneedling “Light” involves less downtime, is painless and is a great way to freshen up your skin while producing new collagen.


Microneedling is more aggressive than the lighter version and is perfect for correction of moderate to deep wrinkles and acne scarring. It will also create enough collagen for overall skin tightening. Since this treatment is more aggressive, a numbing cream is used so that there is very little discomfort. You should expect to have approximately 2-3 days of redness, swelling and possibly bruising. Makeup may be applied the second day if necessary.