Gain a Newfound Self-Confidence with Otoplasty

Gain a Newfound Self-Confidence with Otoplasty

As anyone who went to school knows, children can be cruel. They are very adept at identifying what makes one child different from the others and bullying and teasing that child about that characteristic. The teasing and bullying can have a dramatic effect on a child’s self-esteem. If as they grow up the facial or body characteristic they were teased about as a child does not get better, they will likely be self-conscious about it for the rest of their lives.

If you are bothered by how far your ears are sticking out from your head, you may want to consider a procedure called otoplasty. In addition to helping individuals whose ears stick very far out from their head, otoplasty can help people who have an ear deformity as a result of an accident or because of a birth defect.

Otoplasty can be performed once a person’s ears reach their full size. In most cases, this is after they have reached age five. In some severe cases, the procedure may be performed on a person as early as age three.

The ideal candidates for otoplasty are individuals whose ears stick out very far from their head. Or they may have ears that are very large when compared to the size of their head. Some people get otoplasty because they are upset at the size of their ears after they have had a bad ear surgery, or they may have one ear that is drastically bigger or smaller than the other ear.

Otoplasty is not done to change the location of your ears, nor is the surgery performed as a way to improve your ability to hear. It is purely a cosmetic procedure designed to make your ears more symmetrical and more proportional to the rest of your head.

The ideal candidate for this procedure is one who thoroughly understands what the procedure entails. After getting a physical examination, they know what to expect from the procedure, and they have realistic expectations for what the procedure can and cannot do.

Otoplasty is a procedure that allows a person to make their ears more proportional to the rest of their head. When performed on children, it can protect them from unnecessary bullying. When performed on adults, it can make them feel better about how they look and give them the confidence that comes from feeling good about themselves.

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