Fat Transfer Injections for Nasolabial Folds

Fat Transfer Injections for Nasolabial Folds

People who are self-conscious about the conspicuous laugh lines (the nasolabial folds) that surround their mouths and noses sometimes opt for fat transfer injections, also known as fat grafting. Fat transfer injections can help make the appearance of deep nasolabial folds appear reduced. Deep nasolabial folds are a common sign of the aging process.

At The Colton Center, we can help remedy nasolabial folds using fat transfer injections. Our expert medical staff, led by Dr. Jeffrey Colton, can create a customized treatment plan for you based on your needs. We are here to help you look and feel your best, and we can help you get the results you want. To find out if fat transfer injections are right for you, contact The Colton Center today.

Fat transfer injections refer to a variety of natural soft tissue fillers. When doctors perform fat transfer injections on their patients, they extract fat from the individuals’ personal fat supplies. This extraction is an extremely gentle process. They typically extract the fat from a section of the body such as the knees, thighs or lower stomach. Once doctors have retrieved the fat, they then transport it to the nasolabial folds. This procedure is not only commonly performed on the nasolabial folds around the mouth but also on other parts of the face such as the cheeks, lips, eyebrows and lower eyelids.

Fat grafting can be a highly effective way for people to rejuvenate their complexions. If lack of volume on your face is keeping you up at night in worry, fat transfer injections can help give your face a youthful boost. These injections can fill in the deep lines that are making your face appear older than you feel on the inside. If you want to get back the youthful, supple, firm and crease-free complexion you love so much, fat transfer injections might just be the way to do it.

It’s not at all unusual for people to develop prominent nasolabial folds as they get older. It’s a part of the natural aging process and is 100 percent normal. When the tissues located underneath the skin start to deconstruct, creases like nasolabial folds begin to emerge. The deconstruction of these tissues makes the skin lose some of its prior plumpness and resilience. If the noticeable decreased volume on your face has you feeling insecure, fat transfer injections can be an effective and convenient solution for you.

Patients typically are pleased with the results they see after single fat transfer injection sessions. Single sessions can often make a significant difference in the appearance of nasolabial folds. It isn’t at all unheard of, however, for some individuals to require a couple extra treatment sessions (generally up to two of them) to achieve better results. Many patients greatly appreciate fat transfer injections because their results usually last for quite a while.

People who are looking for a speedy and painless option for rejuvenating their faces are often good candidates for fat transfer injections. If you wish to attain a face that looks plump, full, youthful, supple and line-free, contact The Colton Center today to get more information. You can also call us to set up an appointment for a fan transfer injection procedure. If you have any questions about the process, we’re here to help you in any way we can.