Eye Procedures

The Second Look® Eye Procedure is used to correct the bagginess or fullness around your eyes. The procedure takes care of the extra tissues formed in the upper lid as well as the fat content accumulated in the lower ones. It also takes care of the extra skin present in the upper lid to provide a natural, smooth, younger look while improving your peripheral vision.

The reasons behind the fullness can be your age or genetic inheritance. As you grow old, the skin around the eyes start relaxing resulting in the development of extra tissue in the upper eyelid. Fat accumulation in the lower lid, along with wrinkles and lines provide that puffed look. You are likely to be affected from the same at a younger age if the problem is hereditary. The point to understand here is that fullness in the eyes can affect both males as well as females equally.



The Procedure

Surgery is the best alternative and provides lasting results that often never need repeating. Local anesthetic with intravenous sedation is used for the purpose.

Upper Eyelid

In the upper eyelid, an incision made along the natural crease line is used to remove the excessive tissue. The same is later sutured with no visible marks. Sutures are generally removed after a week. If required, the incision can be made on the lower part of lid as well.

Lower Eyelid

Here again, a small incision is made and the excess fat is removed. However, most cases may require skin tightening as well. The same is achieved by making an incision just next to the eyelids and removing the excess skin. In the event your skin is rough or there are dark circles, a light acid peel can be done in conjunction with the Second Look® Eye Procedure.

After The Procedure

Swelling and bruising are common after the surgery and cold compress can be used to reduce the same. Sleeping with your head slightly elevated also helps. There might be a bit of discomfort as well; however, pain killers are effective.
Getting back to your normal routine can be started in a day or two as soon as you are feeling comfortable and confidant. Numbness is also noticed for a few days; however, the body makes a recovery on its own and things are back to normal in a few days time.