Exfoliate Your Skin Safely and Gently with Dermaplaning

Exfoliate Your Skin Safely and Gently with Dermaplaning

Countless dead skin cells, extremely thin hair follicles and particles of dirt reside upon the epidermis. No matter how much you scrub or exfoliate your skin at home, those contaminants are likely to remain upon your otherwise perfect skin.

This is why dull skin is so persistent. The upper layers retain these unattractive qualities unless you specifically remove them.

Dermaplaning offers a safe and effective way to remove dead skin cells, dirt and any other potential contaminants that make their home atop your skin. This procedure can exfoliate your skin to give you the supple, clean results you desire without irritating or damaging your skin.

What is Dermaplaning?

Dermaplaning is a practice where a unique tool scrapes away microscopic layers of dirt and debris from your skin. It maintains a 45-degree angle to your skin, which allows the “clingy” waste layers that may sit atop your skin to be removed.

The result is a non-invasive procedure that requires little to no downtime. You’ll be able to look into the mirror with a renewed self-confidence while ensuring that your skin stays radiant and problem-free.

Why You Should Consider Dermaplaning

When you understand the bounty of benefits that dermaplaning can bring to your skin and overall complexion, you’ll ask yourself why you haven’t undergone this gentle and non-invasive skin rejuvenation procedure before.

The benefits of dermaplaning include:

  • Smoother Skin – The procedure removes old skin while promoting the growth of new, silky-smooth skin.
  • A Better Complexion – Dermaplaning removes soft hair follicles that trap dirt and oil, which means that your overall complexion will improve after the procedure.
  • Reduced Visibility of Acne and Lines – Another function of dermaplaning is to even minor imperfections in the skin. This can dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and recent acne scars.
  • Tangible and Immediate Results – While many skin care treatments take a few days or weeks before you see results, dermaplaning can present immediate results that only become better as time passes.
  • Heightened Receptiveness to Skin Treatments – Dermaplaning increases the effectiveness of other skin care treatments by unclogging the skin’s pores and removing dead layers of skin.

Are You a Candidate for Dermaplaning?

If you’re looking for a treatment to reduce the appearance of thin hairs and improve your overall complexion, then Dermplaning may be for you. Although Dermaplaning is a safe procedure, you need to turn to an experienced professional to receive the best results. At Colton Center for Facial Cosmetic Surgery, we are dedicated to providing high quality skincare treatments to our patients. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you and review your concerns and goals before scheduling a treatment. Contact us today for your consultation.