Enhance Your Overall Appearance with Cheek Implants

Enhance Your Overall Appearance with Cheek Implants

When you look in the mirror, there is one feature that you are not happy about. It’s your cheeks. You just don’t have definition in your face. You feel like your cheeks don’t project enough and you want those beautiful cheekbones that are so noticeable in other people.

What’s the Deal with Cheek Implants?

If you feel that you don’t have a proportional balance in your face or you simply want to enhance your cheekbones to make them stand out more than they already do, cheek implants could be the answer for you. Cheek implants are designed to give you the appearance that you want when it comes to this highly noticeable feature. If you are looking for a permanent solution and want more than dermal fillers can offer you, cheek implants may be the best route to take for you.

What Happens During a Cheek Implant Procedure?

Whether you have areas on your face where your cheeks have become recessed or you have a lack of volume, cheek implants could help you. In some cases, you may choose cheek implants to combat the aging process and the hollows that form in your face as the skin loses its elasticity. Otherwise, you may have never developed prominent cheekbones that really stand out.

Depending on what area of your cheeks that you are trying to enhance, our plastic surgeon will determine the best placement for your implants. Once you have fully recovered from the surgery, you will be able to enjoy your new look with cheekbones that now have definition.

Ask Our Plastic Surgeon About Cheek Implants

Set up a consultation at the Colton Center for Facial Cosmetic Surgery so that you can discuss the possibility of cheek implants with our plastic surgeon. When you visit our office in Novi, our plastic surgeon will evaluate your facial structure and discuss your goals for your cheekbones. You will work together to determine the size of your implants, the placement of your implants and what type of incisions will need to be made during your surgical procedure. Make sure to review photos of success stories so that you can have a realistic picture of what to expect when you choose to move forward with cheek implants.

This simple procedure could be just what you need to enhance your overall appearance and feel your best. Contact us today to schedule your appointment to learn more about cheek implants.