Elos® Plus for Vascular Lesion Treatment

Elos® Plus for Vascular Lesion Treatment

Vascular lesions are blemishes caused by the presence of abnormal blood vessels. They can occur on the face, torso or the legs. There are several different types of blood lesions, but the most common kinds are spider veins, port-wine stains and cherry angiomas. These can be treated with surgery, focused light energy or pulsed light. Lasers are commonly used to treat vascular lesions, but some types are high-heat, tightly focused instruments that can severely damage the surrounding tissue if the vein itself is small. Elos® Plus is a specialized laser treatment that uses a form of cold heat. This term refers to radiofrequency energy combined with broadband energy. Elos® stands for electrical optical synergy, and it is an effective treatment for spider veins and other types of vascular lesions.

About Spider Veins and Port-Wine Stains

These types of lesions occur when a splinter vein develops. It can be caused by an old injury, thickening of fatty tissues or poor circulation. Sometimes the body develops these secondary path blood vessels because some sort of mechanism is at work that sends a signal to create new circulation routes. They can be very unsightly, especially if they occur on the face or the exposed area of the legs.

Vascular lesions are generally not considered a health hazard, but many adults want to see them gone for good. Surgery is an option, but the result may be scarring and permanent discoloration. Laser treatments are a good choice because no surgery is involved. The Elos® laser light is calibrated to deliver a particular wavelength that penetrates through to the feeder vein without causing damage to the surrounding tissue.

How The Laser Works

The first step in laser treatment for vascular lesions is to examine the area closely. We look to see if the discoloration is actually a lesion and not something else, such as rosacea or an acne blemish. If a feeder vein and smaller capillaries do exist, we look at the size of the spider vein and determine whether Elos® Plus laser treatment is suitable.

If the vein is large enough, it can be closed off permanently using focused, low-level radiofrequency energy. The laser is calibrated to send one, and only one, frequency of light in a single beam, in combination with a broadband energy pulse. The focused beam penetrates through the epidermis, and the energy is absorbed by the vein. This causes the vein to contract. A small clot forms, and soon afterward, loss of blood flow means that the vessel wall has been affected. The material is eventually targeted by the body’s defense systems and is flushed out along with other waste.

Benefits of Elos® Plus Laser Treatment

The greatest benefit is reduction of discoloration without the need for surgery. Some laser treatments employ an endoscopic approach where a fine-filament laser tube is actually inserted beneath the skin. Other surgical techniques involve making incisions and actually removing the vein using tiny scalpel instruments. The Elos® laser works from outside the body, meaning the procedure is completely non-invasive.

Is It Right for You?

To determine if Elos® Plus treatments are right for you, schedule a consultation at the Colton Center for Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Novi. We can provide you with complete information concerning laser treatment for most types of vascular lesions. You can rid your legs, face or other part of the body of those annoying, unsightly spider veins and cherry angiomas. Contact our office today to schedule your appointment to learn more.