Dear Friends,

We are pleased to report that all of us have been safe and healthy during these difficult times.  We sincerely hope the same has been true for you and your families.

The health and safety of our staff and our patients is at the forefront of our minds.  The offices have been professionally cleaned in preparation for sensibly reopening.  We will institute daily cleaning routines to help ensure health and safety for all.  These will be guided by CDC and WHO published guidelines as well as State and Local parameters.

A few things will be a bit different.

You must wear a mask to enter the office.  You will have your temperature checked.  If below 100.4 you will be asked to come in to the exam room.  If your temperature is above 100.4, you will be asked to leave the office and immediately consult with your personal physician for further instructions.  Once in the exam or treatment room, you will be asked some simple health questions and asked to sign a consent for treatment or evaluation. After treatment you will be escorted to the check out area and then the exit.  Each room will be disinfected after each patient visit.

The staff will all wear appropriate PPE when interacting with patients. 

Somethings we do (procedures, injections, evaluations, etc) will require you to remove your mask for a brief period of time.   Recommended social distancing may not always be possible.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.  We are confident that you will continue to enjoy your experience at The Colton Center as a premier safe and innovative medical aesthetic center.

With warmest regards,
Jeffrey J Colton and The Colton Center staff