November Specials 2020

Don't like how you look during your Zoom meetings? Let The Colton Center help with special savings on Eye Rejuvenation, Thread Lifting, Dermal Fillers AND our newest Skin Rejuvenating Treatment! Eye Rejuvenation Treatment Let's face it, no one knows how long we will be wearing face masks. So make the best of it and let your [...]

October Specials 2020

Starting November 1, 2020 We are making the switch from charging per area for wrinkle relaxers (AKA Botox, Dysport, Xeomin) to units! Dysport will be $4.5/unit and Botox/Xeomin $12/unit. What does this mean for you?  Some clients will not see an increase in price - yeah! For those that do, there are a few ways [...]
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