Benefits of Dr. Colton’s Second Look® Eye Procedure

Benefits of Dr. Colton’s Second Look® Eye Procedure

There is no way to prevent aging, but as you get older, there are things you can do to slow down the results of the aging process. If you are starting to notice features that bother you, such as baggy eyes and loose skin around the eye area, you might want to consider Dr. Colton’s Second Look® Eye procedure. Here are just a few benefits you can expect to receive from this procedure.

Reduced Wrinkles

As you get older, the skin around your eyes loosens and relaxes. Sometimes, the extra tissue develops into a fold of the upper lid. You may experience puffiness as well as lines and wrinkles from the loose skin. Heredity plays a bit role in how bad the skin loosens, but everyone will see some loosening. If it bothers you, a Second Look® Eyelid Lift can help reduce the wrinkles around your eyes greatly.

Restore Rested, Youthful look

When you reduce the wrinkles around your eyes, your face will have a tighter, more awake look. You will look more rested and retain the youth you are looking to restore. You will not have to worry about puffiness around your eyes and the fullness of your lids can be reduced as well.

Short Procedure

A Second Look® Eyelid Lift can be done in a small amount of time, sometimes just within an hour, at The Colton Center in Novi. You can enjoy light sedation and local anesthesia while the procedure is carried out. You do not have to worry about booking a long, involved surgery with this procedure.

Short Recovery

After the Second Look® Eyelid Lift, you will want to use cold compresses on your eyes to lighten bruising and take care of swelling. You will also want to sleep with your head slightly elevated. You should not be in much discomfort, but your eyelids might feel a little tight. You should see all of the symptoms disappear within 4-5 days. You will want to wear sunglasses when you are outside to aid healing. In the end, it does not take long for you to go back to normal activities.

If you are unhappy with the way you look because of the signs of aging that are starting to show up, the best thing you can do is set up a consultation appointment with Dr. Jeffrey Colton. You can find out the details about the Second Look® Eye Procedure, and our medical team can determine whether it is right for you. Contact The Colton Center today to schedule your consultation.