Benefits of DermaPlus® Dermaplane Exfoliation Treatment

Benefits of DermaPlus® Dermaplane Exfoliation Treatment

Having clear, soft skin with a radiant glow is something most of us not only wish for but also buy hundreds of beauty products each year in order to achieve. Enlarged pores, peach fuzz-like hairs throughout the skin surface, and accumulation of dead skin cells can affect reaching skincare goals.

DermaPlus® Dermaplane exfoliation can relieve and open up the skin to restore natural health and beauty. This safe, comfortable treatment targets clogged pores, environmental toxins, and impurities that plague healthy skin, all without the use of harsh chemicals.

What Happens During the Dermaplaning Procedure?

The Dermaplaning process begins with the skin being cleaned with a pH-balanced cleanser and dried to remove all traces of contaminants like oil, dirt, and makeup. The skin is toned, and then the procedure begins.

The treatment provider pulls the skin taut as a sterilized, surgical blade is gently feathered over the skin surface at a 45-degree angle. This removes the outermost layer of skin that is composed of dead and damaged cells. Careful strokes are applied to ensure that the same area is bladed only once.

Other procedures can be applied to the face immediately after the Dermaplaning procedure. Peels, micro needling and other procedures that aim to rejuvenate the skin will be the most effective on the exfoliated layer of skin.

The entire Dermaplaning procedure takes about 20 to 45 minutes. It can be performed every two to four weeks depending upon your skin, how much makeup you use and the occurrence of skin problems.

The Benefits of DermaPlus® Dermaplane Exfoliation Treatment

DermaPlus® Dermaplane treats multiple skin types and conditions and is a quick procedure that typically causes no pain or discomfort.

Amplified Facial Treatments – DermaPlus® exfoliation removes everything that has clogged your skin. It reveals pliable, youthful skin, which also tends to absorb beneficial products and facial treatments better.

”Peach Fuzz” Removal – Short, Vellus hairs on the face can be removed during the Dermaplaning process for a smoother and brighter facial appearance.

Promote Matrix Protein Production – Dermaplaning encourages the body to produce matrix proteins, which can give your face a more youthful appearance while treating things like textual scarring.

Acne Reduction – Acne that is neither inflamed nor pustular often responds well to DermaPlus® exfoliation. The outer layer of acne is removed during this process, which in turn allows acne treatment products to treat the revealed layers of skin better.

Hyperkeratosis Reduction – Hyperkeratosis gradually builds up on the outermost layer of your skin, causing it to become dull or appear damaged over time. Dermaplaning reduces the thickness of the outer layer of skin, which significantly reduces the amount of hyperkeratosis your face presents.

Normalization of Pigment – Hyperpigmentation can be one of the most difficult dermatological problems to treat. Dermaplaning can help significantly, as it allows the skin to absorb products that can reduce the production of melatonin in the skin.

Am I a Good Candidate for DermaPlus®?

The majority of patients, both men and women, can benefit from Dermaplaning. Middle-aged individuals will likely find the most benefit from resurfacing their skin, but it can also be incredibly beneficial for all stages of life depending on your skin condition.

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