Benefits of the Dreamlift Facelift

Benefits of the Dreamlift Facelift

Genes have a lot to do with the speed with which people age. However, there is more than one type of aging.

Intrinsic aging is the natural process of aging that usually begins when people reach their mid-20s. This is when the production of collagen within the skin begins to slow down and when elastin becomes depleted, causing the skin to be less youthful looking. During this process, dead skin cells fail to shed as quickly as they once did and the production of new skin cells may begin to slow down exponentially. Bone loss may occur during intrinsic aging, and skin may shrink away and sag.

Many different factors can contribute to wrinkles and the loss of muscle tone in the face. Some of those factors are external. Extrinsic aging occurs when things such as too much sun exposure, repeated facial expressions, sleeping positions, smoking and gravity take charge.

People that do not protect themselves from the harmful rays of the sun can experience noticeable changes in their skin. Dermatologists refer to this as Photoaging. Some of the more unfortunate results of too much sun exposure are dry, leathery skin, age spots, freckles, facial spider veins, loose skin and skin cancer. Generally speaking, individuals with fair skin tend to develop more symptoms of Photoaging than those with darker pigmented complexions.

Now, thanks to an outstanding medical procedure, many of the signs of aging can be eliminated through a procedure called the DreamLift Facelift.  At The Colton Center we use this innovative procedure to help restore your skin to its vibrant and youthful appearance.  To find out if the DreamLift Facelift is right for you, contact The Colton Center today.

One of the best advantages of the DreamLift Facelift is that the entire procedure is performed under local anesthesia. Instead of the severe bruising and down time experienced with a traditional facelift, the DreamLift Facelift entails lesser bruising and achieves long-lasting results with a minimal amount of time off work or away from one’s everyday activities. Results are comparable to the traditional in-hospital facelift, and has lasting results.