Achieve Multiple Aesthetic Goals with a Fat Transfer

Achieve Multiple Aesthetic Goals with a Fat Transfer

Fat is one of the most relevant topics in the world of cosmetic care. It is one of the staples involved with creating the beautiful image that each person should have. The problem is that many patients focus just on removing fat from their bodies.

They fail to realize that fat transfers provide a great way to do everything from augmenting parts of the body to filling facial areas that have become shallow for one reason or another.

To help you better understand why fat transfers can be excellent procedures that can accomplish multiple aesthetic goals, let’s explore the goals they can accomplish.

Losing Excess Fat

The first focus of fat transfers is to reduce the amount of fat a certain area of the body harbors. This will allow troublesome fat spots to be eliminated, which allows for superior body contouring.

Places where fat removal may be beneficial to a patient include areas such as the:

  • Hips
  • Buttocks
  • Breasts
  • Abdomen
  • Arms
  • Ankles
  • Neck

Restoring Lost Volume

Due to the way the body tends to age, areas such as the cheeks and mouth may have less fat than they should as a person ages. This can create the effect of sagging, loose skin in these areas.

While there are options like BOTOX® and injectable fillers, the best way to regain lost volume is to take fat from other areas of the body.

It tends to have the best compatibility with a patient’s body when it is used correctly. The best part is that the regained volume tends to last anywhere from a few years to the remainder of a patient’s life when it is cared for properly.

Evening Uneven Areas

Certain areas are prone to conditions that may stem from fat cells depositing in an uneven way. Cellulite is one condition that can be made significantly worse when an uneven amount of fat cells pushes down upon a rigid structure line veins or nerves.

Fat transfers can take fat from one area and “smooth” other areas with it. This can eliminate aesthetic effects that originate from uneven deposits of fat.

Achieving Your Aesthetic Goals

Fat transfers are incredibly versatile cosmetic procedures. They utilize material obtained from your body to fulfill aesthetic goals in ways that are both long-term and compatible with the body while lacking artificial materials.

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